About us

Our Company

EverydayMats is a family-owned automotive accessories manufacturer in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2019, we stand apart in our dedication to quality, durability and longevity to protect your vehicle’s interior. With a passion for cars and a commitment to excellence, we are one of Canadas fastest growing and most recognizable automotive accessories brands. Car enthusiasts inspire us every day that helps us see the world in an all-new way—and fire us up to keep providing the ultimate in protection with the minimalist aesthetic that compliments your vehicle's interior.

Advancing Quality

A product that lasts longer is better for the earth (and your wallet). We are meticulous about every material and every fit and finish. We put our product through rigorous testing to make sure it will look and perform like new through years of daily use.

Simple Solution

Featuring an unmatched combination of durability, function and style. We believe that less is more. We strip away the unnecessary for a simpler, more intuitive and satisfying experience, leaving only the essential features that truly matter.

A Glove-like Fit

3D laser-scanned to ensure a glove-like fit to your vehicle.

Simplicity in Design

No flashy logos. No senseless details. It’s that simple.

All-weather Protection

No edge curl, no gaps to keep your vehicle pristine in all seasons.

Rooted in the Canada

Every product we make is designed right here in Canada. With our operations rooted in the North America, we’re proud of the high-quality products we deliver to our customers every day.

American fulfillment

Our fulfillment center located in T is LinerX's hub for distributing our premium products.

American customer service

Our Maryland-based specialist team delivers fanatical customer service before, during, and after a purchase.

American support

All service are done in-house at our Maryland facility by our product experts, so you can always count on quality service when you need it.

Our Core Values

Our values are invaluable. This is how we leave our mark. This is how we create an impact. This is how we change the industry. We lose them, we lose everything.

Customer first

  • We exist for our customers; Always are and always will be.
  • We listen to everyone and measure our success based on their feedback.
  • We take action to amaze every customer.

Do the right thing

  • Count on us to be honest, trustworthy and genuine.
  • Trust is the most valuable thing in LinerX.


  • Refuse to forget the openness to the unknown mentality that made us: ambitious, agile, disruptive.
  • We actively promote innovation through curiosity and continuous learning.


  • Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning.
  • We are responsible risk-takers and this helps us move fast.
  • We are bold in what we do.


  • We place quality above everything else.
  • We are obsessed about quality but with an iterative, fast-paced approach.
  • We drive continuous improvement until we make the highest-quality products.

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